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Come and enjoy this beautiful corner of the Basque Country

Our journey

The route to this campsite in Saturraran began on July 7, 1964, on San Fermin Day. Over the years, this special corner of the Basque coast, full of history, has received thousands of visitors. Located between Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, we have always welcomed travelers to the Saturraran area in the meadows of the Arbelaitz farmhouse. We are happy to help anyone who has come to ask for anything, for us this job is more than just a business. The Alkorta family has passed down the journey that began on the day of San Fermín from generation to generation, transmitting a model of life hand in hand. We sincerely hope you will be comfortable in our home, welcome!

Saturrarango hondartza eta inguruak

Saturrarango hondartza eta inguruak

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